Maria Shimizu Christensen

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Through poetry, prose poems and micro stories, The Radicalization of Old Women burrows into the things that shape who we are and the story arcs we create for ourselves as we age. It's about searching and finding, overcoming and becoming, and breaking your own trails.

Winter Flowers

I believe in love
and peace and plenty
and winter flowers blooming
in a hothouse,
sheltered from the storm,
more vibrant and alive
from awareness of the veil
between life
and the vase on my table.

I write about life.

Featured in Medium’s 2021 list of Stories That Started Conversations.

Life has a funny way of rarely offering a straight path to your dreams, but finding your way through the twists and turns not only has its own rewards, it makes the dream that much sweeter. In the midst of a global pandemic I lost my full time job and needed to reinvent myself, yet again. Life as a single mother made me resourceful and resilient, a lifetime of crafting gave me the skills to believe in the dream, thousands of strong women throughout history provided inspiration, and Etsy gives me the platform.